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Doing mobile keyword research has been a manual process until now. There was no keyword research tool for mobile sites. Today Google announced to their Adwords customers that their keyword research tool now offers mobile keyword listings and information as well as for the desktop.  Hat tip to David Rothwell Adwords Answers for alerting me about this announcement.


What this means is that mobile SEO is taking a huge leap forward. More businesses will now be able to launch effective mobile pay per click campaigns and have mobile keyword research for increasing their organic search results as well.

You’ll hear much more from me about this in the future, but for now, here is the basic information about how to find the new Google mobile keyword research tool.

1) Go into Campaign Summary.

2) Choose an ad campaign with a mobile ad. (This is a critical step.)

3) Open the mobile ad.

4) Click on the Keyword tab.

5) Choose the Ad Keywords + sign

6) Then select Add Keywords using the Keyword Tool

7) You will see “Results are tailored to mobile searches

Viola! You are now using a mobile keyword research tool.

So what’s the scoop on Mobile SEO? How do you make sure your mobile site comes up at the top of the mobile search engine listing? Right now there are a lot of shifts and changes happening, so this is not an exact science yet. But there are two people whose advice I value highly in this area: Bena Roberts and Bryson Meunier.

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