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Just saw on a great article by Ross Dunn over at Search Engine Guide that is awesome. He covers some great stuff about building a mobile website, promoting it and even has some very specific tips about mobile SEO. If you haven’t already done so you should read his post How to Simply Create Your Own Mobile Website – it’s a gem.

Everything that Ross covered in his post is solid advice. Since I was right in the middle of launching a mobile site this week (details here) I was especially glad to see his post. Here are some more tips from the trenches I’d like to share that compliment what he already covered.

Affordable Mobile Site Builder

The site builder I chose to use is MoFuse. It is an online mobile site builder that has a lot of flexibility in what can be done with it. It can mobilize an existing site or build a complete new one. Pages can be crated from scratch or can be RSS fed pages. (I used a combination of both.) I found the site building process to be more intuitive and flexible than other site builders. It is extremely easy to drag and drop pages to rearrange the order of pages.

With MoFuse I am using my own domain but didn’t have to host it myself. There is a free option and a paid version (currently $3 per month). With the paid version I got access to build as many sites as I want and can monetize the site with AdMob or Google Adsense and keep 100% of the ad revenue.

There is a built in site analysis that monitors traffic right from within the dashboard and I’ve found that MoFuse has excellent support and is very responsive to customer needs.

It would be well worth your time to give MoFuse a look if you are looking for an affordable mobile site builder.

Get Traffic to Your Mobile Site with Mobile Directories and Search Engines

In addition to the mobile directories that are covered in Ross’s post, you should also work to get your mobile site listed here:

Chaos 365
WAP Review

Before you start clicking to submit, have your site description written and a list of keywords ready. You’ll need them for a lot of these sites.

Then keep a list of which sites you have submitted to so you can check back to see if you’re listed. That way you will also avoid double submitting.