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BLogWord and New Media ExpoAt the upcoming BlogWorld and New Media Expo in Las Vegas attendees will be converging to dive deep into learning and discussing the world of new media – everything related to blogging, podcasting, videoblogging and more.

At the BlogWorld Trade Show these new media producers will find all the latest tools and technology to blog smarter and use new media better. Of course, networking face-to-face with social network friends is sure to be at the heart of the event for everyone.

I just hope that the biggest new media of all – mobile – is not missed in the presentation line up. After all, over 3 billion people (roughly half the world’s population) use mobile phones. Not just use them, we embed these devices into our daily lives like no other mass media in history.

Because of this 365/24/7 link to our mobile devices and how easily they integrate with other new media, mobile is arguably the most powerful participation and creation device for new media. Whatever you are doing in the new media space is impacted by mobile and you need to be aware how to integrate what you’re doing with mobile.

If I were given the chance to speak at BlogWorld I would cover:

  • How bloggers, podcasters and videobloggers can effectively reach their audience via mobile
  • The tools available for integrating mobile with new media
  • How to work with these tools in a cost effective way

My talk would be fun, interactive and power-packed with usable ideas.

When I speak at other conferences like The System Seminar and in my own workshops I am always asked how to get started in mobile. My handout would contain a list of resources that audience members could use to launch into mobile quickly and easily. Without being promotional at all, but so that the audience would know I knew what I was talking about, I would list my upcoming book The Mobile Marketing Handbook as one of the resources.

And, if I were living in the alternate universe where I am a biker-chick, I would drive to Vegas on my Harley so I could cruise up and down the strip with Derek Semmler.