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So does mobile marketing keep you up at night? Either figuring it out or being excited by the opportunities? Me too.

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Mobile Coupon Class

How to Drive Customers to Your Door at 10 Times the Rate of Old-School Paper Coupons using Mobile Coupons

Did you know that mobile coupons typically get a 10% redemption rate? This completely crushes traditional coupons’ 1% redemption rate and makes mobile coupons a marketing powerhouse tool that marketers need to consider in their marketing mix.

This is especially true considering a recent survey by Millward Brown Digital that found 59% of global respondents prefer SMS and push campaigns over other forms of mobile marketing, including video advertising, banner or standard display ads, and even email.

1. Consumers love saving money.
2. They are willing to give permission to receive relevant mobile coupons.
3. And 10 times more people redeem mobile coupons than paper ones.

That’s exactly why I created a Mobile Coupon class for marketers and mobile marketing professionals.

What You’ll Learn in this Class:

  • 24 Different Types of Mobile Coupon Offers with Real-Life Examples
  • How to Have Your Customers Redeem Mobile Coupons
  • What to Do to Make Sure You Don’t Lose Money by Offering Coupons
  • 2 Specific Mistakes to Avoid that Can Ruin Your Campaign and Hurt Your Business
  • Timing the Coupon Expiration Date for Maximum Effect
  • Dozens of Tips for Creating Better Mobile Coupon Campaigns
  •  How to Get Consumers to Request Your Mobile Coupons
  • The Most Important Thing about Mobile Coupons that you Simply HAVE to Do Right

Course Includes:

• Nine Training Videos including:

3 Rules of Creating Coupons |  How Customers Redeem Mobile Coupons
Mobile Coupon Delivery Systems | 24 Types of Coupon Offers
Expiration Dates 101 | Mobile Coupon Case Studies
Mistakes to Avoid | Tips for Better Mobile Coupons
Recorded Q&A from Live Class

• Mobile Coupon Resource List
• Real-Life Examples of Mobile Coupons
• Mobile Coupon Case Studies
• Ability to ask questions of Kim Dushinski as you go through training


The Mobile Coupon Class is $59.
(But you get a $10 discount because you found this course on my site.)

If you or your clients use mobile coupons as a marketing tool, this is the information you need to do it better than ever and get more customers in the door. After all, that’s what mobile coupons are for!


Who is this class for?
Marketing Professionals
Marketing Managers
Marketing Directors
Mobile Marketing Professionals
Local Mobile Marketers

Is this for B2C or B2B marketers?
Mobile coupons are primarily a B2C play and virtually all of the examples and case studies are from a business to consumer perspective.

Where did you get the statistics about mobile coupons?
Glad you asked that. Here is where I got the statistics about mobile coupon redemption rates and the one about 59% of people preferring text messages over other mobile marketing.

I still have questions about the class and can’t decide if it is right for me.

OK, no problem. Email or text me (303-378-9362) your question and I’ll get back to you right away. Bottom line, if you offer mobile coupons or want to (or sell mobile marketing to businesses), I am confident the $49 and 90-minute investment will be well worth your while.