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Kim Dushinski

So does mobile marketing keep you up at night? Either figuring it out or being excited by the opportunities? Me too.

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Mobile Marketing Launch Kit

Thanks for your interest in the Mobile Marketing Launch Kit. I have actually changed it quite a bit and now have several different options.

Mobile Marketing Business in a Box
If you are interested in learning about all aspects of mobile marketing and offering them for sale to local businesses, the Business in a Box is what you want. It is most like the Launch Kit.

Everything listed below is INCLUDED in the Mobile Marketing Business in a Box but is also available separately.

Text Messaging
If you want to learn about SMS Text Messaging, this is the module for you.

Mobile Web / Mobile Traffic

To get everything you need to build mobile websites and drive traffic to them, take a look at this.

Mobile Marketing QuickStart
To get the basics and get going, check this out.

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